Monday, July 27, 2009

Flickchart: JOIN US!!!!!!

Oh my blog. I know I always say I shall update you consistently, and then fall short. But it’s not my fault this time really. I’ve come to warn you, I only have a short time before it takes me again.

Flickchart, that’s the name of the beast that has kept me from updating you, or doing much of anything else. The most devious trap ever laid on the internet for the unwitting mild mannered movie fan.

If you haven’t heard about it by now, what this devious site does is randomly choose two unrelated movies, and then has you pick your favorite between them. Using this data it begins to calculate your top 20 films. Sounds easy right?

Well occasionally it is sometimes you have to choose between La Dolce Vita and White Chicks or The Godfather and Little Nicky. Other times it’s more difficult like when you have to choose between Evil Dead 2 and Dawn Of The Dead, Suspiria Versus The Warriors or The 3rd Man and Out Of The Past.

But what really makes the fucker Devious is when it makes you choose between two completely unrelated movies that you love. Causing a kind of cinematic cross chatter that casts both movies in new light. After all what is it that really puts the delightfully civilized pleasures of Annie Hall above the lizard brain satisfaction of Sin City? Or the soaring ambition and vision of 2001 over the down and dirty pleasures of Boogie Nights. The homey comfort of watching Ed Wood versus the extreme discomfort of watching Blue Velvet. Flickchart does nothing less then make you question everything about how you watch movies.

It’s also a great way to kill time at work

Another interesting facet is that when your top twenty finally forms it looks like exactly what it is. Your favorite movies picked by a computer. Accurate enough to be interesting, but also bizarrely compelling in it’s wrongness.

Here’s a quick look at my “Top Twenty”

1. WallE
2. Children Of Men
3. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
4. The Royal Tenenbaums
5. The Blues Brothers
6. Big Trouble In Little China
7. Zodiac
8. Ratatouille
9. The Apartment
10. The Fountain
11. Hot Fuzz
12. Army Of Darkness
13. 12 Monkeys
14. Eyes Wide Shut
15. Rebecca
16. Modern times
17. Matrix Reloaded
18. Gangs Of New York
19. Corpse Bride
20. Escape From New York

Now out of this list six are films that could conceivably be in my actual top 20 though probably not in that order (WallE, Children Of Men, Raiders OF The Lost Ark, Ratatouille, The Apartment, Gangs Of New York). Eyes Wide Shut, 12 Monkeys, The Blues Brothers, The Fountain and Zodiac could all squeak into the top fifty. The rest of the list is superb comfort food, that probably wouldn’t make it into the canon for me Hot Fuzz, Army Of Darkness, The Corpse Bride, Escape From New York. The rest is just fucking weird. Take Matrix Reloaded, a film which is on the list apparently because I don’t have the same Pavolovian hate reaction to it that most do. How did it get above Gangs Of New York, which is perhaps my favorite movie of all time? How’d Rebecca get up there? Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I doubt it would rank on my top twenty Hitchcock films, let alone my actual Top Twenty. Same thing goes with Modern Times, I love it, but City Lights would go ahead of it, and Keaton would rank above The Both of them.

Oh God after writing it’s name so many times it’s noticed me again! It’s coming for me!!! HALLOWEEN VERSUS RATATOUILLE NOOOO!!!!!!

PS. Alot of the posters they use are European and Asian and they're fucking awesome.

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