Monday, August 17, 2009

The Unseen: Intro

Part of being a modern day film fan is having a few DVD’s on your shelf that you’ve just never gotten around to seeing. I don’t mean the latest blockbuster which you saw in theaters, picked up when it came out, and just never got around to opening up. I mean films you bought blind and plain haven’t seen.

And when you’re as obsessive a collector as I, that number can be faintly embarrassing. I don’t know the exact number but suffice to say it’ll be awhile before this column runs out of material. Well no more. I”ve rounded up the usual suspects, and I’m burning through all of them. Every film I own and haven’t seen is going to get checked off and I’m taking you along for the ride.

Now as my track record with continuing columns isn’t the best I can see how this could be met with incredulity. It might even cause Sweet Clyde to laugh derisively at me. Well to this I can only respond that I plan on doing the shit I say, which conveniently, will have little to no details. I plan to get at least a couple of these up a week starting tomorrow, and it should be a fun trip through some of the odder places in my collection. Hope you enjoy.

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