Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Quick Thought On Zack Synder As Superman Director

Here's what I wrote in my Legend Of The Guardians review.

...yeah, it’s all just about as goofy as it sounds. But Snyder never winks. Never comes close. I don’t think he has a winking bone in his body. It's his saving grace, his secret weapon and Achilles heel all in one. It’s the reason he can make something as melodramatic and broad as 300 really work. And also the reason why, though it’s intentions were noble and sections of it brilliant, Watchman did not. He lack’s Moore’s dark irony, but has Miller’s true believerism. Indeed Snyder is perhaps the most deeply unironic filmmaker working today, and I for one find it his most endearing quality...

And that is why he is going to be THE perfect person to make a Superman movie.

The fact that he's already proven he can handle some kickass flying based action doesn't hurt either.


Elwood Jones said...

The problem is like so many characters in the DC cannon, it is essentially a dead franchise. I mean how much threat can you honestly ever believe that he is ever in, especially when he has one sole weakness. I mean you have to consider that the best selling Superman comic, was in fact "The Death of Superman" because it was something new an unexpected, that Superman might not only lose but die aswell, though having a superhero movie were your hero dies, is kind of a downer and that's the kind of risk that studios are not reknown for taking.

The years which have passed since the creation of Superman have not been kind, especially while his fellow heroes have adapted with the time, Superman has remained largely unchanged, with solely the the nostalgia of our childhoods, to draw us out, for (as much as I hate to say it) another doomed relaunch of the series, so perhaps this is one hero who should just hang up his tights for good.

Still if anyone can do it I'm guessing Snyder will be the one who can.

Neil Fulwood said...

The other great strength Snyder would bring as director is that he's not overawed with reverence in tackling already-iconic material the way Bryan Singer so obviously was in his beautifully produced but utterly tedious take on Superman.

Let's face it, Snyder has already taken the most influential zombie movie ever - 'Dawn of the Dead' - and put his own stamp on the remake. 'Watchmen' was respectful of the source material, but went with the darker, more fucked up elements rather than treating it as sacrosanct and therefore pussyfooting around.

'Superman' - un film de Zack Snyder? Consider my ticket purchased!

Bryce Wilson said...

@ Elwood: I've gotta disagree with you Elwood. I think there is plenty of Gas left in the Superman tank.

The issue is that The Superman story is one of profound optimism. And the last few filmmakers who've tried to tackle this haven't understood that in the least.

Snyder just might be the man to do it.

I have my issues with All Star Superman but one thing Morrison did get right is "God's get their power because we believe in them. Superman gets his power because he believes in us."

As long as Snyder remembers that he'll be just fine.

@ Neil: Very much agreed. Singer was totally paralyzed by his awe of the material.

But then again that's the least of the problems of a film that opens with Lex Luthor having banged a 90 year old.

Darren said...

It's funny. I was actually thinking of your review when I read the news.

I don't agree with Elwood that it's a "dead" franchise. There's still life in it. Some of the best Superman stories (Red Son, Kingdom Come and -though you'll disagree with me - All-Star Superman) wer produced in the last few decades.

It's all about finding a new approach that isn't, as Neil said, afraid to play with this huge and freakin' awesome toy. Don't treat him like a Porsche you're afraid to scratch before you return it to the shop - push the engine as fast as it can go and give us a ride we'll remember.

Snyder might crash horribly, but he will put his foot to the accelerator and push the character in a way he hasn't been puched on screen.

Bryce Wilson said...

Amen Darren, couldn't of said it better myself.