Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Quick Message

Faithful readers might know that I love Cleveland. The mistake by the lake is where my family is from, it's my adopted home town, where I've spent some of my best times and where a lot of the people I care about most live. It is also the reason while I will curse a blue streak at the TV every Autumn Sunday until I die. But that is another story.

So it's only fitting that when his estate tried to get together money for a statue of the second greatest writer Cleveland ever produced (Chester Himes is number one with a bullet... or several) That I could only respond with a Hell Yeah. I mean I just love the idea of a statue of Harvey Pekar. Who wouldn't?

Anyway, I've donated, and if you've got any love in your heart for this working class hero and the city he portrayed so well, maybe you can too.


miranda said...

One wonders what Pekar, a champion of the working class, would have thought of $3,000 spent to erect a bronze statue in his image rather than being used to help the poor and suffering during a terrible economic time.

miranda said...

Correction: $30,000.

Bryce Wilson said...

Well Pekar wasn't into being sanctimonious either so I'm pretty sure it'd be a wash.