Tuesday, October 21, 2008

31 Days Of Horror. Day #10: The Descent

While the whole torture porn fad that has swept horror has created a decent horror movie or two, its nice to see a movie that goes about giving you the screaming mimis the old fashioned way. The Descent is such a movie. While it seems odd to call a movie that features blood, guts, and cannabilism charmingly old fashioned, this is indeed the point we’ve reached in our society. Yadayadayada kids these days have no morals, no where is my sour mash. Sorry about that. Back to the Descent. The Descent follows a group of weekend warriors whose annual grrrl power trip takes an unexcpected turn when they find themselves in an uncharted cave where they are menaced by, something or a whole lot of somethings. The film is almost a catalogue of things you might be afraid of. The Dark? Check. Claustephobia? Check. Heights? Check. Madness? Betrayl? Death? A Bunch of inbred cannibals who want to eat you? Check. Check. Check. And one big ol’ Giant check on the last one. The film never lets up its pressure and it will make you squirm in no uncertain terms. To quote Dudly Moore, See The Decent and it won’t just scare you, It’ll fuck you up for life!

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