Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Coen Brothers: We're Going To Be Fine

Do you know who kicks ass at making trailers?

The Coen Brothers.

Now yes this is just another of the many many things the Coen’s kick ass at. But it’s worth noting. It’s not an understatement to say that the Coen brother’s trailers are works of art in an of themselves. Little mini movies that capture the spirit of the films rather then just crassly pushing them.

I guess I’ve always known that but the trailer for their new one, A Serious Man, which I’ve been watching compulsively all morning. If you haven’t seen it go to apple trailers now. Seriously. Threw that into sharp relief. It’s hypnotic, and the punchline is perfect. I get more satisfaction from that trailer then I get from most movies.

Oddly enough the first time I ever heard of the Coen Brothers it was through one of their trailers. An anecdote in a Sam Raimi book I was reading which mentioned that the brothers had used Bruce Campbell to shoot a faux trailer for Blood Simple as a fundraiser.

The trailer itself is a nasty piece of work, dialogue free and letting you know right up front what a nasty piece of work you’re getting into.

Or the Raising Arizona trailer which somehow manages to catch the films charm and lunacy. Casio music aside.

Even at there most standard the trailers are still insane. I’ve always loved The Burn After Reading One. How anyone could not want to see this one after that shot of Malchovich in his ratty boxers wifebeater and bathrobe clutching a hatchet is beyond me.

Then there are the ones that don’t even try to disguise their lunacy.

And those that are simply… Art.

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