Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Unseen #7: Nightmare On Elm Street 2

Why’d I Buy It ? : Came On The Nightmare On Elm Street Four Pack I picked up.

Why Haven’t I Watched It ? : It’s another movie that many consider it to be the worst of The Nightmare On Elm Street Series. As I said last time there’s no small amount of competition for that title.

How Was It?: Nightmare On Elm Street 2 has a reputation for being the most Homo erotic/phobic piece of cinema outside of the works of Kenneth Anger. There’s really not much to say here. Unlike Nightmare on Elm Street 4 I’m not going to come out with some surprise defense. This movie truly is bad as you may have heard.

The film follows Jesse, whose family moves into Nancy’s old house, and who soon finds himself haunted by Freddy Krueger. Who wants to “possess him”, (which would really seem kind of counter productive, but well we can get to that some other time, it’s the least of this movies problems). Predictably no one really gives a fuck, and Jesse must participate in naked wrestling, leather bar jaunts, and sex with his girlfriend which repulses him, all before he can defeat the demon of homosexuality, I’m sorry I meant Fred Kruger, and live a normal life.

It’s a shoddy film, with a lobotomized cast, a complete lack of imagination, terrible effects, and sense of pace somewhere between Leaden and Bataan Death March. The subtext that finding out you’re gay is like finding out a burned child molester wants to possess your body, is truly repugnant. Look I’m the first to say that a cigar is just a cigar, and ignore the subtext, but it’s just so particularly hateful in this film. True maybe Freddy wasn’t meant as a metaphor for being gay. Maybe a burnt child molester who makes fun of your sexuality is just a burnt child molester making fun of your sexuality. But the there are scenes like the anal rape and murder of the main character’s leather boy coach and you can’t help but feel like the movie is trying to send a message.

The film fails even on the level of pure kitsch. Yes even a random exploding bird can bring this film no joy. It’s an boring, ugly, hateful movie with no redeeming value what so ever. Avoid at all costs.

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