Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Best Post

He Shot Cyrus had the great idea of basing a blogothon around its participant’s proudest posts.

I’ve chosen for mine, the review of Kill Bill Vol. 2 I did in my best of the decade list.

It might seem like an odd choice. After all its hardly my most ambitious post. But its indicative of exactly the type of criticism I want to do for this blog, and marks one of the times that in my humble opinion, I really hit my marks.

Its in depth, but not overlong. Its Conversational but with something to chew on. Slightly academic without feeling like navel gazing. I sum up the appeal of the movie and what I think makes it special. And offer up a counter point to prevalent criticism without coming off as contrarians.

In short, it offers up a thoughtful, thorough consideration of the movie without being a total pain in the ass to read.

Which is kind of what I’m going for here.


And now that that’s over with I’m going to totally rip off er respectfully incorportate something that the incomparable Stacia from She Blogged By Night, to highlight a few blogs that definitely need to be on your to read list if they are not already.

Doniphon’s The Long Voyage Home is the best blog you’re not reading. I’d put him up against the tops of the format, your Glenn Kenny’s and Dennis Cozzalio’s any day of the week. And he will one day be just as popular as them. Doniphon’s taste in subject matter is impeccable. His mode is academic but he’s never simply noodling, his prose style too lucid to allow such laziness. Simply put he is the tops. Next time someone tells you that bloggers don’t put out intellectual content, and are just empty cogs in the hype machine. You tell them to shut their filthy mouth (or don’t) and head over to Long Voyage Home (definitely do).

Neil Fulwood on Agitation Of The Mind. He talks. I listen. End of story. The depth and breadth of his film knowledge is unimpeachable. His writing style witty and considered. His material and view point well considered and literate. but never snobbish. He’s everything you want in a quality film critic.

Dark Night Of The Matinee really doesn’t need my help having just made The Lambies “his bitch”. But he’s still a great reviewer. Thoughtful and not given to hyperbole. Perhaps the best thing about the Hatter is the way he avoids getting swept up in hyperbole positive or negative. He keeps his own council and that makes him valuable.

The Acidemic has always been pretty great. But he’s been putting something (perhaps acid?) in his cornflakes lately that has really kicked him up another notch. Simply put Erich has been kicking ass and taking names in his own inimitable fashion. And we’re all the richer for it.

Franco at The Film Connoisseur. Fun, fearless, great range of film, amazing amount of effort, thought, and time put in to each post. A great blogger who makes full use out of the medium.

JD over at Radiator Heaven, gives well written, well thought out, and (gasp) well researched reviews. He's an excellent writer, who I often think misses out on the credit he deserves because he's solid instead of showy, and is more concerned with writing well then courting contreversy. Mores the pity for him and the gain for us. He's essential.

So check those guys off. I know I’m happier for having them in my blogroll. And I bet you will be too.


EDIT: Another bit of belated thanks. Though I didn't break into any official nominations for The Lammies. I saw my name in the voted for section of many. I want to thank everyone who took the time to do so. It was very much appreciated.


Neil Fulwood said...

Thanks for the kind words, Bryce (my wife is currently shaking her head and opining that I'm going to be insufferable for a while), and for recommending Doniphon's excellent blog. You're right: it is the best blog I wasn't reading. Emphasis on the past tense. I am now!

Bryce Wilson said...

No problem Neil. They're richly deserved.

Do tell your wife I'm sorry though ; )

Erich Kuersten said...

Awesome! I'm in awe, and alas, have no "ahem" milk in my cornflakes to express my appreciation as I'd like right now. Thanks also for the Doniphon though his font choice hurts my tired Irish eyes. Keep up the awesome work on "The Mind."

Erich Kuersten said...

I mean, Things that Don't Suck. Goddamn, I'm higher than a Georgia Pine, in the words of the hon. P. Meat

AK said...

Thanks for the links--if it's film related and comes from an interesting angle, I want to check it out! (Acidemic I've been reading for quite a while, but the others are new to me).
RE: "...a thoughtful, thorough consideration of the movie without being a total pain in the ass to read." That's why I read 'Things That Don't Suck'. I refrain from commenting if I haven't seen whichever movie(or book)you're reviewing, but I check every post nonetheless!
And lastly (sorry for the lengthy comment!)reading your Kill Bill Pt 2 post really made me think a bit, esp/the Elle Driver part: "The rage in Elle that comes from the knowledge that she is doomed to always be his “rebound girl”, never loved half as much as the woman who betrayed him." I adore Elle, but I never thought of it in those terms--to me, she's always been just a bad-ass, but the forlorn way she says 'I love you, too' in Pt 1 before she hangs up on Bill(after he stops her from killing B. in her coma)makes a lot more sense in that context.

Bryce Wilson said...

@ Erich Kuersten: Thank you much. Next time I'm in NY we'll see if we can't wrassle up some milk.

@Rob: Thank you sir, I really appriciate it (and lengthy posts as well nothing wrong with those).

Please forgive me for not including I'm Not Patty in this little round up. It certainly merits it. I just plain forgot (Funny enough I actually realized this early today when I finished Chuck Palaniuk's Tell-All and was like "Oh shit.") I've been loving reading it, and your passion truly shines through.

I promise I'll fix my mistake next time ; )

Unknown said...


Thanks for the heartfelt words. That really means a lot to me. It's always great to get feedback from your peers! I read pretty much all the blogs you listed and enjoy 'em all for various reasons.

Nice pick on your KILL BILL post. I haven't watched either film in ages but reading your very eloquent thoughts on QT's film has me jonsein' to check it out again. Shouldn't be a problem as it seems like IFC shows both parts every other week!

Bryce Wilson said...

@ JD: They're well deserved buddy. Look forward to hearing what you think!