Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Versatile Me?

The gentlemanly JD over at Radiator Heaven, has been kind enough to honor me with the Versatile Blogger award. An award that asks the person it has been bestowed upon to name fifteen other, deserving nominees.


Tall order that it may be, I am happy for the opportunity to bestow like my Juggalo brethren some more mother fucking clown love (Note for the sarcasm impaired: not really). So without further ado lets gets get started.

Agitation Of The Mind: Sure if I say many more nice things about Neil Fulwood and his blog on this site people are going to start to talk (I swear these plane tickets to England mean nothing). But this doesn't change the fact that Fulwood has as far as I'm concerned the best batting average in film blogging. When he hits the top of my sidebar I get happy, because I know I'm about to read something good.

Plus I need to do something to make up for the fact that I went all Joe Biden at his 500th post celebration and told him that I hoped his blog would continue for entire months!

Four Of Them: Literate and funny Simon over at Four Of Them gives me hope for the future of America. And she writes about movies pretty good as well.

Garden Of Groovy Delights: Gideon's latest post is entitled "How Vampyros Lesbos Changed My Life"... Why are you not there.

Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies: The Kind Of Face You Hate: Self Styled Siren: These guys all need endorsments from me like I need a lobotomy. Rousing the question, do I infact need a lobotomy?

I'm Not Patty: Rob is an intelligent and incisive writer. With a great eye (you'll never look at Sean Young in Blade Runner the same way), quick wit, and warm style. But what really makes Rob special and one of the best writers on classic movies out there, is the fact that he cares. And cares deeply. About what he writes. Take what's become the centerpiece of his blog, a chapter by chapter, sometimes line by line rebuttal of Mommie Dearest. Its a work that's Quioxitic to say the least, but it wouldn't be done by someone who wasn't a true believer. I'm glad someone's doing it, and I'm glad that someone is Rob.

Icebox Movies: A new discovery but one I'm glad I made. Adam Zanzie is only nineteen but he has a breadth of film knowledge better then 90 percent of the bloggers out there. An in depth writing style that really gets into the meat of his subjects, and ambition to spare.

Keep your eye on this kid he's going places.

The Long Voyage Home: I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the best blog you're not reading. Be a good chap and remedy that won't you?

Planet Of Terror: Lets face it there are a lot of horror blogs out there. But blogs with a unique voice and style? There's less of those. Blogs that spend an ungodly amount of their bandwidth being incredibly generous to other bloggers and the promotion of independent film? Well there's only one of those...

Death Rattle, Freddy In Space, Scare Sarah: Remember that thing I said about how great horror bloggers are who have their own unique voice and style?

Make Me A Sandwich Grace: Its not many blogs that can cover with equal aplomb the books of Ian Fleming, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, a videogame featuring an uppity opossum and the legacy of 24. Make Me A Sandwich Grace is such a blog.

The Kid In The Hall: Take the coolest 80's kid you know. Go ahead, fix her in your mind. She just started a blog. Now aren't you lucky?

The Film Connoisseur: Never to be imitated or duplicated Franco writes about film with an enthusiam that makes me look like the lone resident of bitter fuck island.

The Deadly Doll's House Of Horror Nonsense: Internet Phrend and sometimes nemesis Emily has been a great friend to this site. Sure I could be pointing her out because she's pound for pound one of the best writers on the web, with an inimitable funny natural prose style, adventurous tastes, and charm to spare.

But nope, its just cronyism ; )

Anyway, I hope you take the time to visit each and everyone of these blogs they're well worth your time.


Aaron said...

Thanks a lot, Bryce! I share some great company. I'd love to pass this along to 15 other blogs but I don't think I even READ 15 other blogs!

Scare Sarah said...

Aw, thanks! *blush*

Neil Fulwood said...

Bryce, thanks for the kind remarks and the award. I just hope my wife doesn't ask about all those long-distance phone calls to the States!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks Bryce. This really means alot. And I appreciate the kind words. Thank you muchos sir!

Franco Macabro said...

Thanks Bryce! Much appreciated! Muchas Gracias Amigo!

Simon said...

Aw, shucks! Except I was a Versatile Blogger last week, so I'm sure as hell not doing that meme again. But thanks!

bill r. said...

I have two things to say about this:

1) Thank you very much, Bryce. I am genuinely flattered.

and 2) Fifteen!?

Bryce Wilson said...

Its all very much deserved guys. Thank you for all the great reads.

@ bill r.: Funny that's the exact same thing I said when JD gave me the award.

Matt Hollis-Lima said...

My co-writer and I were flattered to merely get a comment that wasn't Japanese porn spam, not to mention an award for versatility.

Thanks for the love, and we're glad you enjoy our work!

Matt Keeley said...

Thanks Bryce!

Gideon Strumpet said...

Thanks Bryce! This came at a time when I was seriously mulling over my blogging future. Guess I need to push on. Much appreciated.

Adam Zanzie said...

"Better than 90 percent out there". Is it Christmas already!?? Because that's one hell of a present, if so. Many thanks, Bryce!

Bryce Wilson said...

@ Matts: You never forget your first non Japanese porn comment. It's well deserved.

@ Gideon: Glad I did it. The blogosphere would be a much poorer place without you.

@ Adam: Its a well deserved one. I'm looking forward to reading you for a long while.

AK said...

D'Damn! I'm really honored to be in the company of real bloggers (like, you people can really right and stuff!), and (in case you didn't already know) I always save 'Things That Don't Suck'along with 'Billy Loves Stu' for last to check out at the end of long day! Oh, and I can't F'n WAIT for The Secret Of Kells to come out on DVD Oct. 5!

Doniphon said...

Thanks so much for the nod Bryce. I really appreciate it.

Bryce Wilson said...

Its very well deserved guys.