Friday, April 1, 2011

Raimifest Day 6: Submissions

We turn a corner and come face to face with the end of Raimifest. One more day left for submissions and one day left to win the shirt from Crazy Dog. Today's round up is short but sweet. We may only have three rounds. But it's all killer and no filler.

First, friend of the site and proprietor of It Rains... You Get Wet gives us a look at The Quick And The Dead. Out of all the Raimi films this is probably the one who has inspired the most reviews, not to mention the most passionate. That was... unexpected. Is this red headed step child finally starting to get it's due?

I do not know I only know that "Spotted Horse cannot be killed by any bullet!"

Next from the new New Zealand Blog Silver Screen, we have a take on Evil Dead II . Which might of saved his life after a brutal Halloween 2/Survival Of The Dead double feature.

And finally from The M0vie Blog Darren gives us his take on Army Of Darkness. Oh yes, yes.

Well tomorrow brings us sadly to the final day of Raimifest. Thanks to all those who've made it what it was. But there's plenty of good stuff ahead "I Predict-"


Anonymous said...

Sorry Bryce I'd submit something but I just don't know enough about Raimi films to contribute. I'm enjoying the read though!

Bryce Wilson said...

No worries. Glad you've been liking it!

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

Poked around Raimi's IMDB page, and by this point all of his features have been discussed in Raimifest. And except for SPIDER-MANs 1 & 3, each film has been discussed in a dedicated post (though all three SPIDER-MEN were covered in a single post, and 2 had its own entry). And the entries on WITHIN THE WOODS and THE INTRUDER means that Raimifest has taken on work outside his features, and delved into some real esoterica.

Be proud, Raimifesters, and Bryce for putting it together!

Biba Pickles said...

The end of the world will be in 1972 right?