Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not The Cortizone

The Great Sergio Leone And The Infield Fly Rule has provided another of its movie quizzes/psych tests to dissect the blogosphere. Read on to find what's in the dark recesses of my mind.

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1) Depending on your mood, your favorite or least-loved movie cliché

Who doesn’t like a wronged man coming back for revenge?

2) Regardless of whether or not you eventually caught up with it, which film classic have you lied about seeing in the past?

I may have inferred a familiarity with the minor works of Sergei Eisenstein which was not a hundred percent factual. But in all fairness the guy I was arguing with was a total tool.

3) Roland Young or Edward Everett Horton?

For his work as Chief Screaming Chicken one must give the point to Horton.

4) Second favorite Frank Tashlin movie

Assuming we’re not counting his animated work I’ll go with Hollywood Or Bust. My favorite of the Martin and Lewis pictures.

5) Clockwork Orange-- yes or no?

Yes with the caveat that it is not Burgess’s book.

6) Best/favorite use of gender dysphoria in a horror film (Ariel Schudson)

Well Repulsion would seem the obvious answer. But I’ve always felt for poor old Norman Bates.

7) Melanie Laurent or Blake Lively?

Laurent. Not even a contest.

8) Best movie of 2011 (so far…)

Man I don’t even know. It’s been pretty pathetic. I’m tempted to say Sucker Punch or Drive Angry. That might not be right but its not exactly wrong either. I’d have to give it to Rango probably, possibly Bridesmaids. Though I did like Source Code and The Adjustment Bureau more than most.

On the whole though this has been a dire year.

9) Favorite screen performer with a noticeable facial deformity (Peg Aloi)

Can I say David Bowie?

10) Lars von Trier: shithead or misunderstood comic savant? (Dean Treadway)

I think he’s a shithead but not for the reasons everyone else does (that Nazi thing was overblown). I’ve soften on him just a bit in the last year, but he’s still never going to be on my favorites list.

11) Timothy Carey or Henry Silva?


12) Low-profile writer who deserves more attention from critics and /or audiences

13) Movie most recently viewed theatrically, and on DVD, Blu-ray or streaming

Theatrically: Kung Fu Panda 2.
DVD: Master Of The Flying Guillotine.

14) Favorite film noir villain

The Sunglasses wearing enforcer in Underworld USA.

15) Best thing about streaming movies?
…My experience has not been optimal.

16) Fay Spain or France Nuyen? (Peter Nellhaus)

Mrs. Roth

17) Favorite Kirk Douglas movie that isn’t called Spartacus (Peter Nellhaus)

Out Of The Past.

18) Favorite movie about cars

The Vanishing Point. Though if I’m honest with myself maybe Death Proof.

19) Audrey Totter or Marie Windsor?

Totter for The Set-up.

20) Existing Stephen King movie adaptation that could use an remake/reboot/overhaul

God I would kill for versions of The Stand or Pet Semetary that didn’t completely suck.

21) Low-profile director who deserves more attention from critics and/or audiences

Richard Linklater goes on serenely being one of the best American filmmakers of his era without anyone much giving a damn.

22) What actor that you previously enjoyed has become distracting or a self-parody? (Adam Ross)

23) Best place in the world to see a movie

There have been many theaters near and dear to my heart. But I’ve had the most truly great experiences at The Aero in Santa Monica.

24) Charles McGraw or Sterling Hayden?


25) Second favorite Yasujiro Ozu film

Floating Weeds. Color version.

26) Most memorable horror movie father figure

Bill Paxton as Dad Meeks in Frailty. Runners up include Lance Henrikson in Near Dark and Captain Spaulding.

27) Name a non-action-oriented movie that would be fun to see in Sensurround

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas.

28) Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds?

Evans. He was always better than the movies he was in and when the movies got better so did he (“Sometimes I let him do the long shots while I go get blazed in my Winnie”)

29) Favorite relatively unknown supporting player, from either or both the classic and the modern era

I know this is pushing unknown but I smile everytime Dick Miller comes on screen. Also Charles Durning is sorely underrated.

30) Real-life movie location you most recently visited or saw

Monument Valley was Amazing.

31) Second favorite Budd Boetticher movie

Seven Men From Now one of the greatest revenge films of all time.

32) Mara Corday or Julie Adams?

33) Favorite Universal-International western

34) What's the biggest "gimmick" that's drawn you out to see a movie? (Sal Gomez)

When 3D was a novelty it got me to pay good money for My Bloody Valentine. That sucked.

35) Favorite actress of the silent era

Clara Bow.

36) Best Eugene Pallette performance (Larry Aydlette)

37) Best/worst remake of the 21st century so far? (Dan Aloi)

Man I still like Peter Jackson’s King Kong which plays like a dream he had as a child the night after watching it for the first time. As for worst, Nightmare On Elm Street almost made me not like movies anymore.

38) What could multiplex owners do right now to improve the theatrical viewing experience for moviegoers? What could moviegoers do?

Vigilante Justice. 

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le0pard13 said...

As I would have expected, some splendid answers to another of Dennis' wonderful movie quizzes. It's great to see The Aero Theatre provided you with some great experiences. Nice referral for Dick Miller and Charles Durning, too.

When I put up my answers (after the weekend), Boetticher's SEVEN MEN FROM NOW will get a mention. And your Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas for Sensurround treatment was just inspired. Thanks, Bryce.