Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So this isn't the usual purview of TTDS but there are two worthy kickstarter campaigns that could use a good swift kick in the starter (went a bridge too far with that one).

First off there's Trailers From Hell. For those unfamiliar with this little slice of Awesomeness, Joe Dante and crew (with crew consisting of the likes of Guilmero Del Toro, Edgar Wright and Eli Roth) have banded together to bring you the best exploitation trailer collection not called 42nd Street Forever. Seriously the amount of fannish love that these guys bring to the average production is truly inspiring for all the years they've been putting out this stuff for free the idea of giving them a hand in order to help them cross that finish line is the least we fans can do.

It doesn't hurt that this has some of the coolest Schwag I've ever seen in a kickstarter campaign, rare autographed goods from the likes of Dante, Landis, Roger Corman. As well as gifts from the good folks at The Warner Archives and Synapese. I could only afford to pledge at the 25 Dollar mark and that still gets me an autographed DVD from Dante. So do yourself a favor and become a hellion.

Next we have Before The Mask the proposed sequel to Behind The Mask which after attempts at fundraising through Facebook and Gathr is finally pulling down one last ditch effort through Kickstarter. Behind The Mask, it truly had a unique voice, and Glosserman and crew deserve to continue their story. Behind The Mask was ahead of the curve in a lot of different ways and I'd love to see what they have to say about the last ten years of horror.

And while I'm shilling, though while I was on hiatus from TTDS I still found time to hang out with my friends from The Actioncast (And Alex Too). Which just celebrated it's second year actionversary. So if you have for some unfathomable reason not subscribed to The Actioncast and the other Podcasts in the Joe Drilling Media Empire™go back and peruse the archives to see what I thought of such films as The Rad, or listen to me geek out about all four (well two and a half really) of the Alien films. A good time will be had by all.


Anthony R. said...

"Shilling's as easy as breathin'."

Thanks for the nod at the end there, Bryce!

Elwood Jones said...

So glad to see another person getting behind the Leslie Vernon bandwagon, as such an underrated film.

Good to see you blogging again and just thought I'd let you know that I have awarded you the "Liebster Award" for providing me with a fun rivalry and for constantly setting the benchmark.

Bryce Wilson said...

Many thanks Elwood.

You've always been a great sparring partner, and I love the ambition of your latest project. Your award is well deserved.