Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I was all geared up to write about The Dark Knight Rises (short version very good, downright underrated even, but more the sequel to Batman Begins than The Dark Knight. Tom Hardy was a blast) when it came out last July, but then the terrible events in Aurora happened and I just couldn't quite bring myself to. And now that everyone has already weighed in, and delivered backlash, counter backlash and counter counter backlash, it feels a bit beside the point (well OK those who think that they're getting a straight up "the masses can't be trusted" message from the film just aren't paying attention).

So here instead is an article I did for inReads, where I write about five of my favorite Batman comics, as well as a few attempts at the character that downright screwed the pooch.

 If one wants to hear more of my Bat Musings, there's always the Actioncast I recorded immediately after seeing the film. As well as the one in which we cover the series in its entirity. But since you've already got the Actioncast bookmark you've heard those already. Right? Right.


Anthony said...

No link to the stupendous Action Cast you recorded about it, at least?a

Bryce Wilson said...

But of course.

Matt Keeley said...

No Year One? Yours must be the only list *not* to include it.

Have you ever read Morrison's Batman: Gothic? Really underrated in my opinion. Batman dealing with both the mob and a supernatural killer. It's also, as far as I know, the only significant Morrison Batman story to feature a "traditional" take on Batman, not the totemic omniscient Batgod.

Bryce Wilson said...

I knooowwwww....

Seriously leaving out YEar One was my number one problem with the article. I tried piggybacking it on The Dark Knight Rises, but it just didn't work, and I wanted to showcase a lot of different takes on Batman so I couldn't really give Miller two slots. (sigh)

I liked Gothic, but didn't love it. Frankly I like Totemic, Omniscent Batgod. It's more of the "Darkseid died so hard that he left a DEVIL SHAPED HOLE THROUGH TIME" that I"m bothered by.