Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Silver Shamrock

So I told you I'd be announcing something. Starting tomorrow we begin our 31 Days Of Horror Things That Don't Suck Spectacular!

That's right thirty one days, thirty one horror movies, thirty one semi clever essay's about them!

TADA! .....


OK look I know that in the annals of things that have been done to death on the internet, 31 Days Of Horror Film Festivals are right up there with, porn and pictures of animals doing things animals don't normally do, in terms of originality. But what can I say, I can't help but feel that it'd be a waste of a blog not to. So for the next thirty one days I'm taking you through 31 days of horror films. And you're going to like it.

Tomorrow: Day #1 Werewolves, Slim Pickens, and "A Piece Of My Mind" Oh MY!

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