Monday, March 15, 2010

You Guys Got To See This

So I was up in the bay area last week and stopped by the Oakland Museum's "pay our mortgage" rummage sale. Basically a swap meet of Beyond The Thunderdome proportions. While I was there, I picked up this little number.

Nice enough right?

Well the real prize was on the back. Which I didn't even notice until later this week.

Holy. Shit.

Now look I know that OJ jokes are about as topical as gags about Monica Lewinsky and Viagra, but look at that. I think that could very well be the greatest piece of unintentionally bitterly ironic OJ ephemera ever produced.

I don't know if its the grinning, salt and pepper haired smiling comic book OJ, as though his valor and virtue are too great to be captured wtih a mere camera. Or the giant red SHOW THEM YOUR HEELS.To me though the capper comes at the end wherein OJ assures you that these are the perfect shoes to wear should you ever be "On the spot!"

Because if there's one thing The Juice knows...


Jayson said...

I wish I knew more about comics, I see them all the time yet usually have no idea of given values. Of course I can look a stack of DVDs in seconds so...hehehe

Bryce Wilson said...

Same here. I rarely buy Comics for value. Other then Kitsch of course.