Monday, January 24, 2011

Holding Pattern...

So it's been a quiet last couple of days here at TTDS. Couple of reasons I've been unreasonably busy for the past couple of days with work and a few other social things. I've also been honing in on finishing the first draft of a manuscript so that's been taking more and more of my focus as I've reached the final stretch. Also I've got a few long form pieces that I'm working on, including number 23 in The 25 which ended up being so unpredictably difficult to write that I've nearly finished Number 24 and 25 in its stead. I've also got a few more Scenes in the pipeline ready to make my image memory on Blogger weep and a few Unseen almost ready that will make me weep...

Which all leads to nothing being ready right now.

Well there has to be something! I've got a work ethic to maintain, a reputation to uphold yadayadayada! There's gotta be something I can post on this blog other then a tumbleweed rolling mournfully down the column!!!

What's that you say? Doug TenNapel has a web comic! Which he is publishing daily! A page at a Time!


I may occasionally find the man himself frustrating, but there is no denying that he possesses one of the most singular (and thankfully productive) imaginations and gorgeous art styles in comics today. To read Iron West, Creature Tech, Monster Zoo or Ghostopolis is to be happy. And man if Ratfist doesn't leave a big sloppy grin on your face then we're living on different planets... which is an acute possibility.


Eric said...

Thanks for the heads up this. I haven't read any of Tennapel's comics, but I grew up with Earthworm Jim/The Neverhood and love the guy's imagination.

Bryce Wilson said...

I'd say it'd be definitely worth your while.

I recommend Creature Tech and Iron West to start on.