Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still Alive

As a result it’s time for a little pow wow. Things That Don’t Suck is going to be changing a bit in the coming weeks. Not too much. But the fact is I’m now writing on a regular basis as freelance for two publications and am quite frankly looking for more. Between that, my two blogs, not to mention my own writing, somethings got to give, and unfortunately what’s going to give is Things That Don’t Suck.

Now don’t send the flowers yet. I’m not going anywhere. There’s a great community of readers here and over the years I think the site has developed a real voice, something I’m really proud of. I’m not going to abandon that. Nor is this going to be just some sad appendix that provides links to my free lance work (I hate it when that happens). Things That Don’t Suck will keep it’s own identity.

Honestly, I’m not sure what the new schedule for Things That Don’t Suck will be. It might be every other day, it might be bi-weekly, I don’t know we’ll see.

I started the daily posting schedule for two reasons. The first to teach myself discipline as a writer, has been achieved. The second, to compete in the brutal battle for traffic was rapidly beginning to not make blogging fun for me anymore. Basically what I’m planning to do is cut the filler posts. Write about what makes me passionate again, instead of trying to drag 500 words out of the corpse of Season Of The Witch. Like the man said “All Killer, No Filler.” It might be that this shift in priorities is the best thing to happen to Things That Don’t Suck.

I can promise you this though, as long as you’re interested in reading Things That Don’t Suck it’ll be here for you.

See you tomorrow. 


Dan said...

Would it be possible to post links to any freelance work you publish (either as posts or as something in the sidebar)? I'd love to have a way to keep up with your articles at various sites.

Bryce Wilson said...

Sure. I have a link in the first line of today's post. And I'm sure I'll put updates when I publish new stuff.

I just wanted to assure that that wasn't ALL TTDS will be. It'll still be mostly original content.

Elwood Jones said...

Glad to hear this isn't the end of TTDS, as this site has proven a constant source of inspiration for my own writing. I totally understand the choice to drop the filler, as always best to write for your own enjoyment first, as whats the point otherwise?

Jasper Y. said...

That's great to hear! There's no need to feel an obligation to write about what doesn't inspire you, so just go for it.

le0pard13 said...

Whatever you're planning, I'll keep on reading, my friend.

Joe said...

Wow, I feel like a fuckin' d-bag over here, but where are you writing besides inReads?

Neil Fulwood said...

Nice one on landing those freelance gigs. Keep TTDS coming as and when; even if it's one new post a week and that post royally kicks ass. It's the quality, not the quantity.

(Got something in the pipeline for Son of Danse Macabre, btw. Hopefully I'll have it to you early next week.)

Bryce Wilson said...

@ Elwood: Very kind of you to say.

@ Jasper: Ironically I have plenty of films I want write about this week.

@ le0: That's good to know buddy.

@ Joe: I write for a few print weeklies.

@ Neil: Glad to hear it sir. Looking forward to reading it.