Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Brief Message From Our Sponser

I don't usually do swag posts on TTDS. But as the immortal Arbogast once noted, "I cannot be bought but I can be clothed." So I tend to make an exception for the guys at Crazy Dog T-shirts.

The reason is simple, they make a quality product. And with so many fly by night clothing companies on the internet I don't mind pointing readers to one that is dependable. Their shirts are soft and durable. The logos actually remain after washing. Trust me on this one. I'm almost embarrassed by how much use I get out of my Camp Crystal Lake Counselor shirt. Which has become my mid twenties equivalent of Calvin's lucky rocket ship underpants. I put it on I know I've got a good day coming up.

Said shirt by the way, is currently retailing for 6.99. And if you type in the promo code that marks you as a TTDS reader (ICEPOP) you get five bucks off. That's a measly 1.99 to mark yourself as the survivor of one of the greatest massacres in cinematic history. What's not to like?

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