Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dispatches From The Man From Another Place

It has been a busy week even if hasn't strictly been here. But in the Red Room man things have been swinging.

First off, longtime friend of the site Neil Fulwood contributed an absolute cracking piece to Son Of Danse Macabre. This despite the fact that he's been busy with his awesome Summer Of Satan as well as large portions of his country being on fire. Inspeaking of the latter. Neil wrote what is probably the best piece I've read on the recent riots. You would do well to read it.

Secondly I once again guested on The Action Cast, this time talking about Hobo With A Shotgun. Which if you will remember I liked a whole lot. In typical Action Cast fashion it we manage to talk about every movie but Hobo With A Shotgun before getting to our duties. But that means if you've ever wanted to hear me do an incredibly awkward Paul Verhoven impersonation today is your lucky day.

Finally I've been hard at work at inReads where The New Column has kept me hard at work. Writing here has been an incredibly rewarding expirience, and anyone who joins the site so it can continue to be has my gratitude. There's going to be a lot of good stuff coming in the next couple of days. So keep your eye out.

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Budd said...

didn't like the magicians. I reviewed at sci fi media.