Monday, January 17, 2011

The Player With Yourselves Club...

Because sometimes when there isn't any action you've got to make a little action. And all two hundred of you folks who signed up to follow me on Google have certainly made a little action for me.

So as a result I'm extending to all of you membership to the most exclusive club...

Display it proudly...

In all seriousness I really am touched. It's one thing to look at an empty Stat but a Google Follow gives you a face to the name. The fact that someone somewhere takes an interest in anything I write is gratifying. The fact that I have two hundred people (plus the 47 fine folks in Networked Blogs) who are interested is astonishing.

This might seem like I should file this post under "My Own Horn, Tooting There Of". But that's really not the intention. My intention simply put is to say thank you. Thank you very much. To everyone who took a moment to press Follow, this blog would not be there without you. That's not me being humble either, I have a craven bottomless need for validation.

So in an attempt to pay it forward, Haley Joel Osment style I'm going to pass on the names of five fine blogs. If I deserve a space on your follow bar these guys certainly do. These really only make up a fraction of the fine stuff that's out there. I'm tempted just to hit Copy and Paste on the blog roll. Except that would hardly be a fraction either.

Agitation Of The Mind: I've said it before I'm sure to say it again, no one currently blogging deserves your attention more then Neil Fulwood on Agitation Of The Mind. Anyone capable of wading into the Stygian blackness of his Winter Of Our Discontent series and keep his sanity and humor is a man worth writing about. But to be able to come out of a two month marathon and switch directly to writing about art films without so much as breaking pace... Well that's damn near astounding.

Neil is in short, a writer of great intelligence and humor who writes about everything and gives everything a fair shot. Is there really anything more you can ask for in a critic?

Vitagraph America: The best kept secret in film blogging that I am tired of being a well kept secret. The mysterious decapitalized cole roulian, writes with a wide variety and dexterity (where else are you going to read about Rover Dangerfield?) as well as a cool sharp sense of humor. But when cole connects with a film you know it. His on going vitalgraph series is a thing of beauty. Because when cole cares about the film he's writing about, deeply cares, hardly anyone writes better.

She Blogged By Night: Stacia due to personal problems is having to put SBBN on the back burner. If you're a fan you already know how much our readers are going to miss her while she's gone, and if you're not then get thee to archives and realize why you should!

Radiator Heaven: JD is a gentleman and a scholar. A true film historian he researches his articles before writing them. Meaning he actually has a unique point of view, and different things to say, then ever single other person who writes up the movie that week. He's an invaluable and generous writer, and his John Carpenter Blogothon this year was awesome. The mere fact that I can't figure out if his title is referencing The Thing or Eraserhead or both makes it one of my favorite places to go.

Antagony and Ecstasy: Writes lengthy, intelligent, yet wonderfully readable pieces at an alarmingly tireless place. Gets bro knucks from Roger Ebert, killed George Washington in a duel oh and raised a thousand dollars in the fight to cure cancer. Makes the rest of us feel a bit small.

So thank you again. After checking out these fine folks I know it might be difficult to come back. Thanks for all the great writers who have supported TTDS, but especially thank you to all the great readers. You know who you are.

Thank you.


Jinx said...

Damn awesome!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the shout-out and the kind words, my friend. I am very humbled and honored to be included with such other fantastic blogs!

I may not leave comments to all of your posts, Bryce, but I do read 'em all and really enjoy your take on the films you cover. You always manage to get me thinking about a film differently while also being very entertaining with your prose.


Oh, btw. my blog's title is a reference to ERASERHEAD - the place where Henry goes at the end of the film with the Lady in the Radiator.

Bryce Wilson said...

@ Jinx: Aw thanks Jinx.

@ JD: Many thanks JD.

I assumed it was a reference to Eraserhead, but there's a moment in The Thing when Mac Ready points to a busted piece of equipment and says "It's gone to Radiator Heaven!" and for a time you had MacReady as your banner head, so I could never be sure.

Neil Fulwood said...

Thanks for the mention, Bryce. My wife might dispute whether I emerged from Winter of Discontent entirely sane, but I'm sure glad I kept my sense of humour.

Seriously, though, it's a real compliment to be placed in the company of J.D., Tim, Cole (sorry, Cole, I just can't bring myself to do the lower case thing when it comes to people's name) and Stacia.

Tim, incidentally, gave Agitation a shout on Antagony & Ecstasy - after only my first post! - and added me to his link list ... based on the fact that I love Werner Herzog as much as he does!

Bryce Wilson said...

Well the very name of your blog does get things started off on the right foot. Herzog is just one of those guys who lets you know where people stand.