Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Brief Word From Our Sponsor...

I get offers for free swag all the dang time. My policy is pretty clear, I'm more than happy to receive review copies of Films, Books, or Music so long as the fact that a good review is not guaranteed by said receipt is understood (as the good folks from Quirk and MTV Books found out). Novelty stuff I usually don't review, most of the time when I get an offer for something like this I usually say "You don't get it man. It's about the music!" and then I throw a bottle of Wild Turkey at the wall, which is kind of a dumb thing for me to do because I spend a lot of money on Wild Turkey and a lot of time cleaning it up. Anyway, the final thing that people love trying to send me are press releases. Send me a press release or a trailer I burn down your house.

That being said though these rules are engraved in my skin ala Max Cady, I do occasionally bend rule 2 when I'm offered something so remarkably cool that I have absolutely no compunction sharing it with you guys.

Such was the case when T Shirt Bordello alerted me to these.

I love HP Lovecraft. I love alcohol. Well played sirs, well played.  But I still don't know if that's enough to make me-


Yes. That is a pint glass from The Winchester Tavern. I am only human.

Anyway, having received and sampled said items I am happy to say that the shirts are quality, sturdy and soft, the logos look like they'll bear up under repeat washings. The Pint Glass similarly is made to last and I happily sampled my first beer in it. Appropriately enough it was a Dead Guy.

The funny part I bought the beer on my way home from work, unaware that the package had arrived. Kismet. So yes thank you T-Shirt Bordello for alerting us all to the wyrm that eats us.


In speaking of things that I've been sent to review I was sent a review copy of Spindrift's Classic Soundtracks Vol. 1. I don't often write about music on TTDS being a firm believer in Steve Martin's dancing about architecture rule. (Example "The New Steve Earle album, solid but kind of samey." There aren't you glad you took the time to read that?) But I have to say I did enjoy Classic Soundtrack's quite a bit.

It's a concept album, with each track coming from a nonexistent movie. The music is atmospheric, slightly psychedelic and evocative. Good writing music.

Admittedly indie rock, concept albums, and psychedelia are all three acquired tastes. Still if they are tastes you have acquired I recommend giving Classic Soundtracks a spin.


The Dirty Mac said...

That pint glass leads me to say, you live a life worthy of envy my friend. See you in Berkeley this weekend?

Bryce Wilson said...

Hell yeah.

Erich Kuersten said...

Oh my god, It figures Chthulu would wait til I was sober to rise and take over the world through Tequila, like we all knew he should.

PS - throwing bottles of Wild Turkey against the wall is the most heinous form of alcohol abuse. Was it Green label? did you get a straw or a sponge?

le0pard13 said...

Loved this post (and the content). Thanks.

Neil Fulwood said...






Elwood Jones said...

I love that "Quirk" are happy to take negative critism well, especially as in the past I have been kind of brutally honest with them in the past (as can be seen in my review of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).

I totally understand your feelings regarding darn press releases and trailers......now to just get that slogan on a t-shirt!!

Bryce Wilson said...

@ Erich: I can just see him going "Man here I've been trying to raise the Elder Gods for years. All I had to do was get them smashed.

And your PS made me spit my coffee (which was filled with Wild Turkey) don't worry no actual alchol was harmed in the making of this post. Well aside from the sizable dent in the sixpack of Dead Guy.

@ Le0: Thanks man.

@ Neil: I'm going to run around making the W sign all day.

@ Elwood: It's entirely impossible that I am being unfair to Quirk and if so I apologize. I just didn't hear back from them so I assumed they were pissed.

Jinx said...

That post made my day, Bryce. And now I want all those things. And Wild Turkey, I want Wild Turkey.

Bryce Wilson said...

Happy to have had the privilege Jinx.