Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scenes#10 1/2: The Darjeeling Limited

There is not enough in either of these to do a scene in and of themselves. But these are two of my favorite shots in cinema. 


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Anthony R. said...

Well, looks like I need to go rewatch this now!

thevoid99 said...

Dammit, now you're making want to see this movie again. I love this film.

Elwood Jones said...

The first time I saw this movie, I imediatly wanted to watch again. It was one of my suprises of this years worth of film watching and now I just want to go watch it again.

Bryce Wilson said...

@ AR: That's the correct response.

@ thevoid: As is that.

@ Elwood: That one works too. ; )

Alixsar said...

I remember seeing the movie and liking it, but not really being impressed by anything about it. It's kinda slow and aimless and just sort of meanders, until it stops.

So...uh...I guess I don't get what you see in it, is what I'm saying.

BRENT said...

Bryce!! Can you please tell me what it is about this that makes it such a good film?? Not trying to be smart here but I have seen it and yet something has eluded me and I'd like an honest appraisal.
I think the problem for me too is I saw this after Pan's Layrinth and The Lives of Others which are both brilliant, and somehow something about this passed me by because of them.

The Dirty Mac said...

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. You're a man after my own heart Bryce.

Bryce Wilson said...

To Alex and Brent: I suppose I love the film's dream like Indian atmosphere. How it takes an unabashed outsiders perspective to the place. I think aside from Tenenbaum's its both Anderson's saddest and funniest film and I find the relationship and performance of the three core characters very moving.

It's an acquired taste but isn't everything?

@ Mac: Likewise sir.

Sean said...

After The Life Aquatic, this film left me disappointed. Sorry.