Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fantastically Frightening... And Not Just My Face

Jay Clark over at the always fun The Horror Section was kind enough to nominate me for a "Fantastically Frightening Award" Thanks so much Jay. Let's take a look at this thing...

...And just like that my blog lost ten class points. But in all honesty, I really do appreciate this. I may not strictly be a horror blog. But from my very first post I've written about Horror a lot. I mean seriously I write about horror one hell of a lot.

The reason is simple. Aside from the fact that I have an obvious affection and passion for the genre, I like being a part of the horror blogger community, no matter how tangentially. I'm not the first to note that Horror fans make the best movie fans but I'm beginning to think they make the best bloggers too (Accept for you non horror blogger reading this. You're not like the others. You're awesome.) Generous, personable, passionate, happy to throw traffic to a struggling site, there's nothing about Horror Bloggers I don't like (Except for that one dude MIRITE!!!).

So here are seven horror bloggers who've been awesome to me. Nice little chance to give some of the awesome back. By taking away ten dignity points from their respective sites.

If you like cool stuff from Classic Horror movies and you're not following Robert Leninger's blog you have something the matter with you. Just a quick FYI.

Freddy In Space is a great guy who writes straight from the heart few people can match his passion for the genre. Few people can get me positively stoked to see a movie called Thankskilling. He's one of them.

The Deadly Doll's House Of Horror Nonsense Currated by the literate and witty Em is one of the best place for horror reviews on the net. But you already knew that right. Cause it's awesome. Good thought so.

It's easy to get jaded as a horror fan. And just not get surprised by whatever filmmakers are able to cook up. This is not true of The Tokyo Scum Brigade, where Dr. Senbei and crew are dedicated to bringing you the oddest shit that the horror scene of the East has to offer. Take a visit but be aware that you can't un see anything you look at there. .

The Basement Of Ghoulish Decadence is a great site. Fueled by passion and a quick wit. Well worth an addition to your daily read.

The Atomic Fox hasn't been around to post much lately. I hope she comes back soon as hers was some of the brightest quickest coverage on the scene.

And finally there's the Grand Maven herself, Stacie Ponder over at Final Girl. Though the design of the award will probably make her want to hit me with a brick, I couldn't not give Stacie a shout out simply because she's the best at what she does. Funny, frighteningly knowledgable, willing to wade into the most esoteric films and the classics with equal aplomb, affection, and sidesplittingly funny prose. Plus a collection of the greatest mid nineties motivational clip art known to man.

Thanks again to Jay for granting me the award, an thanks to all the afore mentioned bloggers for being such great reads.

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Jay Clarke said...

You're very welcome man, it is well deserved.