Thursday, March 31, 2011

Raimifest Day 5: Submissions

Day 5 of Raimifest and we're still going strong. Got some great reading to go.

Long time friend of site/all around good guy Elwood Jones brings us a look at The Quick And The Dead direct From The Depths Of DVD Hell.

Undy A Hundy makes a welcome return with a quick look at Army Of Darkness.

A promising new blog Spellbound Cinema takes an insightful look at The Quick And The Dead. Which has improbably ended up being responsible for some of the best writing of the fest.

Also Dumkoff that I am I left Josh Bell's review of Intruder up yesterday without any link to the work. I'm remedying that now.

And wrapping things up today we have a look at Evil Dead 2, by Darren at M0vieblog. It'll swallow your soul.


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