Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remember Raimifest

Remember next week at this time Raimifest begins. Running from Sunday March 27th to April 2nd this is shaping up to be something very cool.

My thanks to everyone who has helped get the word out, with banners and blog post and to those who have already sent in pieces. For those of you who haven't put up a banner and want to check them out here!

Remember either email me your piece or leave a link to it in the original Raimifest thread (if it's a new piece I'd prefer an email notice) Include a link to Raimifest at the beginning of your piece and I'll put you in the round up for articles of the day. And don't forget the contest oddest entry wins the shirt.


I know it's been something of a quite week here at TTDS, with a combination of a busier then usual work schedule, a lack of inspiring content, the finishing up of the first draft of my second novel (thanks Neil) and lets not lie a wee bit of burnout all conspired to keep me from getting anything done.

Which of course means that next week is going to have way way too much content for me to handle.

Seriously in the next week I have to fill in an entry in Final Girl's Film Club, an early book review, finishing The 25, a surprise epilogue to The 25, a piece or two fufilling my contract as the internet's biggest Zack Synder apologist, all while preparing work for the blogothon.

My point being this is going to be one eventful week, so stay tuned.


Budd said...

Wanna add to it by guest hosting my Friday quiz with Rami Questions?

I have a Spiderman 2 post for you next Monday.

Bryce Wilson said...

@ Budd: Thanks for the offer Budd! And the post! You bet I'll take you up on both.