Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Raimifest Submissions Day Three:

It's day three here at Raimifest and we're still going strong. The response has been overwhelming. No seriously, I mean that literally. I'm still sifting through submissions from various places. But I want to get this up by noon noonish. Thank you so much for everyone who has sent me stuff and if you don't see it here yet, don't worry, I have it. It'll just be going up on Day Four.

Stacia from She Blogged By Night finishes off her great round of pictoral/oral histories of The Evil Dead Series with Army Of Darkness. These entries have been among my favorite stuff from so far from the blogothon and further proof that She Blogged By Night is awesome. If Stacia isn't on your blog roll all I can say is "Whatsamatteryou?!?"

Darren from M0vieblog returns with another fantastic review, this time of Evil Dead. If you've read his past two entries you don't need me to tell you how good he is. If you haven't read his past two entries go back and do so and that way I won't have to tell you how good he is. (He's really really good.)

Heather from the aptly named Sweet Henrietta has a great list of her favorite deadites in the franchise. No points for guessing who comes in first.

She also offers this great Youtube channel that is simply stuffed with Raimi esoterica. It's a blast but it'll eat your afternoon more ravenously than any deadite. I mean holy shit did you know that Raimi directed an Absolute Vodka ad starring John Saxton? I didn't.

Bill R. from one of my favorite blogs The Kind Of Face You Hate, was kind enough to write a quick introduction to Raimifest. Bill's full entry will be coming later in the week. But like anything he writes this is worth reading.

Seriously Dave puts together an eloquent defense of Raimi's red headed stepchild of a movie. Making me want to revisit it for the first time since... well this might actually be the first time I've ever wanted to revisit for For Love Of The Game.

Finally to go out on a strong note we have Cole Roulin's absolutely stellar take on A Simple Plan. Cole's vitagraph American is one of my favorite blogs and pieces like this show exactly why.

Well that ends a top notch Day 3 at Raimifest. I'd like to thank all of the contributors for helping to make this what it has become. I've already got some great stuff lined up for Day 4 and beyond. I'll be posting my piece a little later then usual today. But somehow with work such as these I doubt you'll miss me all that much.


W.B. Kelso said...

Great stuff so far! But I think I'll blow the bell curve with my own submission.


Hans A. said...

Hey, Bryce.

Things are going great, here. Here's my contribution. Congrats so far on your success. Hope all is well.