Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Help A Brother Out

You may not know him, but Matt Suzaka proud proprietor of Chuck Norris Ate My Baby is one of the good guys.

A funny literate writer, who spends an awful lot of his time giving smaller blogs (including this one) a leg up.

He could use a hand right now, I'll let him give you the details. But what amounts to on your part is really no more then a few minutes and a mouse clip.

If you've got a few minutes help a brother out.


Neil Fulwood said...

Worth the hassle of registering to read Matt's story and cast a deserving vote. Here's hoping he and Liz win!

Bryce Wilson said...

Many Thanks Neil.

It's made my Grinch heart grow three sizes to see so many people mobilizing like this.

Matt-suzaka said...

I appreciate the support, Bryce! You taking the time to post something like this on your blog really means a lot to us both! And thanks to you too, Neil!

Bryce Wilson said...

Anytime Matt. Best of luck.