Sunday, November 14, 2010

Odds N' Sods

(Someone thought this was a good idea)

Just a few quick jots on the ole agenda. As you may have noticed, in the sidebar I'll be taking part in a kind of floating tribute, masterminded by Napalm Seth, dedicated to the only man who could keep his dignity after being associated with that image. The one the only Yaphet Kotto.

There's some great blogs involved, here's the itinerary, hope you check everyone out.

MONDAY Nov. 15th
Unflinching Eye - Alien
Raculfright 13's Blogo Trasho - Truck Turner
Camp Movie Camp -

TUESDAY Nov. 16th
Lost Video Archive - Raid on Entebbe
Manchester Morgue - Friday Foster

Booksteve's Library - Live and Let Die
Horror Section - Warning Sign

THURSDAY Nov. 18th
Mondo 70 - Drum
B Movies and Beyond - The Monkey Hu$tle
Illogical Contraption - Eye of the Tiger

FRIDAY Nov. 19th
Ninja Dixon - Across 110th St.
Lines That Make Things - The A Team (TV episode)
Things That Don't Suck - Blue Collar

SATURDAY Nov. 20th
Breakfast In the Ruins - Bone
Lost Video Archive - The Park Is Mine


And while we're on the promotion train, Planet Of Terror, a tireless advocate of independent horror and great friend to the site, has gotten all hot and bothered over In Memorium. An independent Horror film now available streaming.

Though I haven't seen the movie yet, what POT's been asking for isn't so much an endorsement but help spreading the word that the movie actually exists. Something I'm more then happy to do. Half the time that's the hardest thing about independent film in the first place.

So go over there and read up on In Memorium, I can assure you with Cortez as excited as he is, In Memorium won't remain unwatched by me for long.


Michael Powell. Emeric Pressburger. Together they became The Archers and fought crime made some of the greatest films ever.

This Saturday I'm hosting a screening of The Red Shoes, and so I figured that I'd spend the time between then and now writing about them. So aside from the aforementioned Kotto related interlude, it's going to be all Archers all the time (well technically there is at least one film I'll be writing about that's just Powell. And it's not the one you're thinking of) I'm going to try to use the same writing skills I usually use to write about horror films and bitch about Hollywood, to write about some of the most beautiful, lyrical, borderline ineffable movies of all time.

This will be interesting.


Eddie said...

Man, Live And Let Die went from one extreme to the other. Best theme song ever to worst villain death of all time.

I know endings are hard and I know they were going for the completely over the top climax that Bond movies are famous for but they really screwed the pooch with this one.

Getting back to your reference, part of what made this ending fail so miserably was Yaphet Kotto's undeniable presence and inherent dignity. I'm reminded of the end of Under Siege when Tommy Lee Jones' character met a similarly undignified end. You have to consider what the actor brings to the role when deciding the fate of their character.

Neil Fulwood said...

I'll make a point of watching 'In Memoriam' online, and I'll be certain to check back all week for your Powell & Pressburger fest - they're on my top ten of greatest filmmakers ever.

If the solo Powell isn't 'Peeping Tom', I'm curious as to what you'll choose. 'Age of Consent'?

Bryce Wilson said...

@Vincent; It's almost as bad as having Christopher Lee wear a third nipple.

@ Neil: Spot on. It came packaged with A Matter Of Life And Death in Region 1, so perfect opportunity for me to knock another Unseen off the chart.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Bryce, you rock my friend. I appreciate it a ton. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the film.

And Neil, thanks for checking it out. I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

Bryce Wilson said...

Anytime man.