Thursday, November 4, 2010

Politics And Other Shit No One Wants To Hear About

(Note: I am aware that this is not a political site. And you as a reader probably have next to no interest in my feelings on the recent election. To which I sincerely invite you to return to the site tomorrow when the regularly scheduled program of trivial bullshit will have resumed. What can I say though? Some days you just can’t fake it.)

Gratifying as it was to watch the conservative take over of America stop dead at the Sierra Nevada’s. This came at the expense of having to watch the American people once again prove that they have the memory of fucking Goldfish.

Brightside though they were the defeats of Fiorini, Whitman and Prop 23 only sent the message the American people (Or at least Californians) will not accept plutocracy only when it comes up, smiles and blatantly announces itself as such.

Small comfort though this may be. This is less encouraging because Plutocracy very rarely do this. It's much more apt to sit smile and cloak themselves in “populist” rage.

But here’s the thing, as much as I can bitch and moan about the disgusting propaganda and misinformation, the Right of this country employed in this election, the gullibility of the electorate, and the stupor inducing insanity that is the Tea Party Movement (You know that Rand Paul and his cronies are asking for a 27% sales tax right? Just checking).

Despite all of that I can’t really argue that the Democrats got anything but what they fucking deserved.

Sure we can point to the forces beyond the party’s control. The economy they inherited in ruins, the two endless wars left as a parting gift. But by extending the Bush II’s policies on the war, the bailouts, redaction, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, failing to close Guantanamo Bay, giving up on the public option. Selling out on the promises they made they lost the support they took for granted.

Let’s face it The Bush administration was such a travesty that after eight years of it you could have politically mobilized a crew of corpses.

But the Democrats spent the term infghting and squabbling. All too cowed by the vocal minority (literally at those God awful Healthcare “Town Halls”). Fractioning both their blocks of power and their support. Making concessions for vague craven hopes of political survival.

You want us to mobilize for that?

I mean really, to the powers that be, had the Democrats, stuck to their principles, had they stood as a whole and used their majority in the ruthless way they Right uses theirs, how much worse could it have gone? What could you have lost? Instead you have a Congress so bumblingly fucking broken that they couldn’t even force through easy wins like emergency Health Care for first responders to 9/11.

To the Democrats I can only say, if you stick to you’re principles, we will come out and we will support you. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.

Realistically all that has been lost is half of a third of one of the branches of government. Not what you would call a death blow.

But continue to offer disorganized squabbling as opposed to genuine opposition? Well I don’t need to tell you what will happen. You just watched it.

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