Sunday, March 27, 2011

Raimifest Submissions Day One:

Todays the first day of sacrifices submissions and let me tell you it's a bumper crop. Two quick bits of business before we get there. Once more I'd like to thank Deptford for the groovy logo and if you've yet to read his fantastic webcomic Surrealist Obituaries, you should do so forthwith or face the wrath of Eldercash!!!

Also I'd like to remind everyone that there is a contest ongoing with the submissions. The most unusual post, be it review, webcomic, or life sized statue of Bruce Campbell made of Butter gets a shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts. This is only the sharpest in S-Mart Finery.

Getting us off to a strong start, the invaluable Stacia at She Blogged By Night, gets us off to a different start. Providing a mini oral/pictoral history of Evil Dead. It's awesome.

Tom Clift at the eponymous reviews by Tom gives us his take on the other end Raimi's career the horror classic Drag Me To Hell.

The Nine Fingered Menace gives his take on Raimi's famous faceless menace Darkman. How great is it that Raimi realized that actor/terrifying Irish Bear Liam Neeson was a badass before anyone else.

Throughout the fest I'll be supplying deep cuts from my own Raimi reviews I've already covered. Here's one I did for Arbogast's The One You Would Have Saved Series about poor poor Ellen Sandweiss.

And taking us out on a strong note for the day, Darren of The M0vie Blog who contributed one of the best pieces to The Christopher Nolan Blogothan was gracious enough to return for Raimifest, and he brought along a great piece about Spiderman 2 with him.


StuartOhQueue said...

le0pard13 said...

Looking forward to digging in to these, Bryce. Thanks.

Neil Fulwood said...

Just spent a pleasurable hour reading the contributions so far. This is some start to the Raimifest!

Hoping to have something Raimi-related on Agitation in the next couple of days ...

Marcus said...

Eh, Nesson was a badass long before Raimi got a hold of him. Look at High Spirits. You've got to be pretty badass I think to kill Darryl Hannah when she was in her prime ad nauseum for a few hundred years lol

Erich Kuersten said...

Man, I'd love to contribute but Raimi gives me a headache (me personally, I respect his gonzo balls-to-the-wall style) and I loathe Spiderman... HOWEVER, I do love Xena - does that count?

Bryce Wilson said...

@ SOQ: Done and done. Thanks for contributing.

@ le0pard13: Thank you for all the help getting the word out.

@ Neil: As always sir I look forward to your contribution with interest that is nigh unseemly.

@ Marcus: Very true but more people were using him as "soulful leading man" rather then "wrath of God" I admit I've never seen High Spirits.

@ Erich: Sure it does! And it's a piece I'd love to read in the bargain.