Sunday, July 11, 2010

Christopher Nolan Blogothon Day 1: Contributions

Welcome to the first day of Thing's That Don't Suck's Christopher Nolan Blogothan.

There was a bit of a world cup inspired delay today, but the way I'm going to work this (knock on wood), is by posting guest contributions (And thanks to everyone who has done so) first and then follow it up with my own article later in the day.

So without further ado the first round of articles:

First Yojimbo at Lets Not Talk About Movies kicks things off with a general overview of Nolan's career.

Then Steve Miller at Watching The Detectives, gives his take on Batman Begins, after coming to it with a skeptical view.

Simon at Four Of Them took a look at the trailer for Inception. She got a bit excited.

And last though far from least the great Bill R. over at The Kind Of Face You Hate, took a look at the odd cycle of backlash and counter backlash that often comes with the release of a Nolan movie in the critical community. As well as a pretty fantastic, long hard look at Memento.

That's all for today, thanks to everyone who helped get this off to a great start. I'll be back with my take on The Following later tonight.

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