Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Of Samurai: Announcement

Another month another theme.

That's right I'm devoting the entirity of August to the Samurai film. Why? Because while everyone else was doing summer of slash I thought up "Summer of Samurai" and I liked the idea so much that I wasn't going to a little thing like "other plans" ruin it for me.

Now when I say the entirety, I of course mean "most of the entirety" (kind of like when Obama promises to "end" "torture"). There are a few things like Scott Pilgrim, The Expendables, and Machete that I will obviously be writing about. I will also devote a day to the year length anniversary of a certain column.Finally there will be a day devoted to two advance review copies of books I've been sent.

Other then that, its going to be all Samurai all the time the entire Month of August.

Be here. Or else I will sick Ogami Itto on you.

And you don't want that.

(and if you want to post that "trailer" on your own blogs that'd be cool too)


Marcus said...

What about the rest of The 25?

Richard of DM said...

Awesome. Good luck with the Samurainess of August, duder. It is a genre that I am a total lame-o about so I'll be watching. Rock on.

Bryce Wilson said...

@Marcus: What in deed? Trust me I haven't forgotten about the column. My goal is to get it done before my half birthday on 9/24.

Given my history with deadlines on this particular column though, perhaps it'd be wiser merely to promise to have it done before I turn 26.

Bryce Wilson said...

Hope you'll stick around for it Rich. I think you'll see some stuff you'll like.

Elwood Jones said...

Is this one going to be open to submissions or you keeping all the fun to yourself :)

The samurai genre has so much scope, from the hi brow (Seven Samurai) to the pop samurai movies (Babycart in Peril) so I'm sure it will be a fun season of films.

Simon said...


Good luck. Don't forget Dragon Inn.

Bryce Wilson said...

@ Elwood: I probably won't have posts devoted to submissions. But any submissions WILL be welcome and shared.

@ Simon: I won't. Now. Thanks for the tip.

Darren said...

Wow, you must never rest. Jaysus, I take part in a few of these and I'm knackered, let alone committing to an idea like this for a month.

Bryce Wilson said...

Yeah, I expect I'll be pretty Samuraieed out at the end of this.

For me though Blogging is my "heavy bag." I make sure I get up and pound that fucker every day. That way no matter how lazy I am with the rest of my writing, I'm making some forward progress.

And building my "stamina" is one of the skills I'm trying to use the medium to develop. If not THE skill (well that and making my Grammar marginally less wretched.)