Friday, July 16, 2010

Christopher Nolan Blogothon Day 6: Contributions

Starting Day 6 of the Christopher Nolan Blogothon. If anyone has anything else they'd like to submit today would be the day. I'll probably wait a little later then usual to post tomorrows counter part, but I can make no guarantees.

So without further ado;

We'll start off Dark Knight day with Lets Not Talk About Movies take on the film that officially made Nolan one of the biggest name directors on the planet.

Marshall And The Movies drops by again with his take on Memento.

Cut The Crap Movie Reviews, returns with their take on The Prestige.

Steve Miller also returns with his take on the film.

And wrapping things up the great Dennis Cozzalio of the legendary Sergio Leone And The Infield Fly Rule, gives us his take on the backlash against the backlashers of Inception.

There's no denying the special intensity of argument that sweeps through the critical community with a Nolan release. Frankly I think its a product of scarcity more then anything. When there's only a small amount of water, the animals fight. When there's only a small amount of films worth talking about, The fights over those go up in ferocity.

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