Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christopher Nolan Blogothon Day 4: Contributions

Its Day Five here at The Christopher Nolan Blogothan and against all odds we’re still going strong.

So my sincere thanks to all who have participated and read. This easily could have ended up like that dream where you go to school naked, expect broadcast infront of the entire internet.

So here’s the new batch of reviews to start off the day.

To kick things off, The M0vie Blog offers a pretty terrific argument for The Dark Knight as a REconstructionist film. One of my favorite pieces from the blogothon so far.

The Movie Nut offers a list of Nolan based articles she put together.

Lets Not Talk About Movies, does indeed talk about movies with their take on The Dark Knight.

Marshall And The Movies returns to give his take on Memento.

Cut The Crap Review also returns bringing his take on The Prestige.

One of my favorite new(ish) blogs Vitagraph American gives his considered take on Memento.

And two wrap it up two of my favorite writers bring two topnotch essays.

First JD at Radiator Heaven takes on Batman Begins.

And then Neil Fulwood gives his take on Memento.

Like I said, these are pound for pound two of the best writers on the blogosphere, and if you're not following them already, be a good chap and remedy that won't you?
Both are well worth your time. Seeya later today with my favorite film in Nolan’s CV.


Darren said...

Thanks for a chance to take part. And well done putting all of this together.

MovieNut14 said...

Actually, I'm a she.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for those kind words! It means a lot. I was more than happy to contribute to this awesome blogathon. I had been wanting to write something about one of Nolan's films for awhile and this blogathon gave me the excuse!

Bryce Wilson said...

@ Darren: Thanks man.

@ MovieNut14: Ah sorrry about that... I have to put my foot in my mouth at least once a day doctors orders.

@ JD: Thanks bud, just let me know when I can return the favor.