Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Christopher Nolan Blogothon Day 3: Contributions

Hey guys hope you're ready for Day 3. Thanks to everyone whose contributed so far, and to those who've been reading. Now without further ado...

Marshall and The Movies returns with a take on Insomnia.

Lets Not Talk About Movies also returns with his take on Batman Begins.

And completing our hat trick of returning contributors Steve Miller brings his take to Insomnia as well.

Bringing in some new blood Jake Cole from Not Just Movies offers his take on The Dark Knight

Stevee from Alice In Movie Land offers his analysis of the Inception trailer. Isolating some of its most potent imagery.

Mike Marianno, brings up some questions about Nolan's treatment of women in his films. And while I think he underrates some of the characters Nolan creates, particularly Carrie Anne Moss's role in Memento, he does bring up a valid point. Still we'll see what Nolan can do when working with actresses as charismatic as Marion Colltaird and Ellen Page.

Finally, one of my big goals with this blogothon is to point out the common threads that run through Nolan's films that he is seldom given credit for. Andreas at the always fierce and worthwhile Pussy Goes Grrrr... offers some of her thoughts on what makes a Nolan film a Nolan film. Is it well worth reading? I'm shocked that you even had to ask.

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