Monday, July 12, 2010

R.I.P Harvey Pekar

A brief interlude in the blogothon. Between Pekar's death and Lebron James betrayl, its been a tough week for my favorite City.

Goodnight to one of the mistake by the lake's greatest author's.


Unknown said...

What a shame. The man created some truly wonderful comic books in his time. And the film version was pretty awesome in its own right.

A nice tribute, here:

Bryce Wilson said...

Thanks for sharing JD. That was great.

Adam Zanzie said...

Did you guys know that Pekhar's real-life live argument with Letterman on the Late Show (dramatized in the film) is now available on YouTube? I confess that I'm afraid to watch it. Just the dramatized scene in the film (with Giamatti yelling at the actor playing Letterman) was hard enough to watch. It makes me cringe to think about Letterman sitting there not sure how to respond to Pekhar's rants against NBC while crowd members are booing him out in the audience. Reportedly right after the interview ended, Letterman whispered to Pekhar, "you blew a good thing".

Still, Pekhar had a lively imagination and was quite a cartoonist. RIP